of SYBAss is to unite and represent the world’s leading superyacht builders.

Raisons d’être

Established by the leading yards on behalf of the leading yards, SYBAss is:

  • The collective voice of the leaders of the superyacht industry, with members responsible for the majority of global superyacht production.
  • An objective source of information for regulatory bodies, the media, other maritime businesses and the general public.
  • A coordinating contact point for event organisers to cooperate with SYBAss members and create the best possible presentation for the distinguished clientele.
Three goals

SYBAss ensures that the leading yards are represented in an appropriate way and facilitates members’ activities in three primary fields of interest:

Promotion Clear communication regarding the unique position of the leading superyacht yards is essential. SYBAss streamlines ways in which its members can individually optimise their investment in promotion to potential clients at yacht shows, maximise their exposure and services, and offer a collective platform to spread awareness of the pleasures of the superyacht life to potential future superyacht owners. Click here for more information.

Regulation From environmental to safety rules and class regulations, SYBAss developed and maintains close relationships with regulators. The trend towards more regulations – and their increasing internationalisation – makes it vital that the superyacht builders speak with one strong voice. This voice is heard through SYBAss’ active involvement with regulatory bodies such as IMO. Click here for more information.

Professionalism SYBAss provides structures and processes that enable yards to get more out of their business environment. From its respected annual economic and statistics reports to the essential study of Compensated Gross Tonnage, SYBAss enhances the professionalism of the superyacht sector in many practical ways. Click here for more information.