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Hans Huisman is set to succeed Chris van Hooren as SYBAss’ technical and environmental director as of January 1 2016. speaks to Huisman about SYBAss’ role in the IMO and the challenges he faces.

Published December 2015

SYBAss’ New Technical & Environmental Director –

Ships operating in the Arctic and Antarctic environments are exposed to a number of unique risks. SYBAss’ Technical & Environmental Director actively participates in the work of IMO through SYBAss’ consultative status to represent the superyacht industry. In this article Chris van Hooren, SYBAss’ former Technical & Environmental Director, explained what the adoption of Polar Code means for superyachts.

Published November 2014

The Polar Code is Coming!

In order to make a fair comparison in terms of output between different shipbuilding industries, an indicator is being used to measure the amount of work that goes in the construction of a vessel, called Compensated Gross Tonnage (CGT). Together with Delft University of Technology SYBAss has established a CGT factor for superyachts. This report has been made available.

Published in February 2010

Determination of the Compensated Gross Tonnage factors for Superyachts

In an interview with Superyacht Business magazine SYBAss’ Secretary General Theo Hooning reflects on the achievements so far celebrating SYBAss’ fifth anniversary.

Published April 2012

Interview Theo Hooning in Superyacht Business

In an interview with Justin Ratcliffe, SYBAss’ Secretary General Theo Hooning talks about representation of interests in the superyacht industry and specifically for the shipyards building large yachts.

Published May 2011

Interview Theo Hooning in Yacht Capital

A report was published for SYBAss members by ARN Advisory about the potential effects of the Hong Kong Recycling Convention. Later this report was made public to make the wider superyacht industry aware of this pending convention.

Published on 8 April 2011

Clarification for SYBAss members regarding Recycling Convention

SYBAss’ Technical & Environmental Director Chris van Hooren and Operational Director Robert van Tol co-wrote this article with ARN Advisory about the expected effects of the Hong Kong Recycling convention on the new build superyacht sector.

Published in April 2011

Hong Kong Treaty to Impact Future Builds